Agron-LED Shed Bulbs

Agron-LED Shed Bulbs

 Agron-LED Shed Bulb Case Study


Save up to 90% on your lighting bills


Shed Bulb Savings


Shed Bulb Running Costs

"We replaced our 150W conventional bulbs in our cubicle sheds with 15W Agron-LED Shed Bulbs. Couldn't believe the extra lighting they are providing. They have been i for over two and a half years and they're still working. The bulbs are on for 12 hours a day on average, all year, so payback has been fast"


Mr A Timperon

Dairy Farmer Carlisle


More Shed-Bulb Testimonials...

" We started by swapping out old florescent fittings for the Agron-LED 20w Shed Bulbs. These have given us more light of a better quality and are much better to work under. We have since bought more bulbs for other sheds and work shop areas. One 9w bulb has even ended up in the kitchen as they are bayonet fitting and help when doing the paperwork!" 

A. Hughes - Beef Farmer Cumbria


"20W Shed Bulbs have replaced 150W incandescent bulbs, better light at a fraction of the running cost. Very happy with products and the service!"

Mr G. Miller  - Mixed Farmer East Lothian


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