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Underground Car Parks

Saving energy saves money. The need to handle safety and security issues of employees and visitors requires parking facilities to operate their lighting systems twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, twelve months per year. No other building type in commercial or industrial property has such continual usage outside of traditional operating hours. As lighting accounts for 95% of a parking garage’s electricity load, these areas are ideal candidates for lighting controls, which can reduce overall electrical usage, lower electric bills and promote sustainability.  Agron-LED have partnered with ENCELIUM® Energy Management System (EMS). This system was designed from the ground up as a software-based, integrated lighting control and energy management system that dynamically responds to the characteristics of a building by providing the proper quantity of light when and wherever needed.

Parking facilities consume the same quantity of electricity per square foot as industrial buildings. As a result, they provide a considerable chance to reduce lighting energy consumption. The implementation of available lighting controls in parking facilities will considerably lower electrical usage, and thereby operative costs.

Lighting controls assist in crime prevention.

Lighting in a parking facility is crucial to making a secure setting
for vehicles, pedestrians and property owners and can be the primary line of defense against assault, theft and vandalism.


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Open Air Parking Areas

The illumination of car parks is influenced by different functions and necessities. In some parking spaces and areas, traffic comes face to face with pedestrians and cyclists. The functional lighting conception must therefore regard the parking space as traffic space and attach larger importance to safety. Sensible lighting presents traffic more clearly and reduces the chance of accidents. Selected lighting solutions promote better overall orientation and permit vehicles to be identified more quickly. They additionally help to identify boundaries and obstacles well in advance.

Traffic areas need stronger lighting than parking areas. A medium lighting strength with good glare reduction and even distribution right to the fringes is needed, counting on the traffic frequency. Luminaires are positioned in line with the parking areas and take under consideration hazardous areas like entrances and exits.

Other requirements might result from the position and design of the parking area. Particularly small car parks ininner city areas are typically confusing and therefore potentially hazardous as a result of the surroundingfoliage and structural surroundings. A high light quality with a balance of horizontal and vertical lighting is especially vital here.

Large car parks away from buildings and zones with flowing traffic are very economical to illuminate as a result ofthe height and wide spacing between the various light points. Lower light point heights are suggested for carparks placed directly next to areas where glare needs to be minimised.