Control Systems

Encelium Map

Agron-LED have partnered with ENCELIUM® so we can give you a quicker return of investment from your LED solution when used in conjunction with ENCELIUM control systems.

Energy Management Systems use the following networks: ENCELIUM GreenBus II®, Wireless Mesh based on ZigBee® standards, or DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface). These are cross platform systems that are compatible with each other so that you are no longer locked into a single, proprietary system. This not only offers flexibility but can scale to meet any need. These diverse options allow wired and wireless networks to integrate into hybrid ecosystems.

ENCELIUM Wireless Network

ENCELIUM's Wireless Energy Management System is based on open and interoperable ZigBee standards. This allows you to locate sensors and wallstations in hard-to-reach locations because no wiring is required. Each Wireless Manager can control up to 100 nodes allowing you the flexibility to provide cost effective controls to a variety of locations. The new wireless system includes enhancements to the ENCELIUM Polaris 3D® software that includes auto-backup to a Micro SD card, IP address recovering mechanism, and battery status view for wireless devices.

Encelium Software










The Polaris 3D® software is the core element of the ENCELIUM system. It facilitates the commissioning, usage, and data analysis of the lighting installation. The 3D color gradient visualization shows how efficient your installation is and immediately reports the savings acheived. Zooming, panning, or tilting the view with just a few clicks helps you to optimize the lighting performance of your building.


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