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Agron-LED have partnered with Freight Farms to bring you the latest in Horticulture Solutions. The LGM (Leafy Green Machine) is capable of growing lettuces, herbs, and hearty greens at commercial scale in any climate or location. It enables any individual, community, or organization to grow fresh produce year-round.

We are proud to work with several inspiring individuals who are striving to make a difference in their communities. Some of our LGM Farmers are experienced soil farmers, some are launching new ventures, and others are farming to bring fresh food to their campus community. Regardless, all are passionate about growing local and fresh food.


tons of
produce per year


per year


gallons of
water a day

High Efficiency Growth

Automating temperature, water, nutrient levels, pH, CO2, and humidity to maximize growth. Users can schedule, track, and control all farming components remotely using a mobile app. This makes sure your crop is in the perfect growing environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Grow Your Potential

Start a successful venture with year-round production regardless of your climate or previous farming experience.

Redefine local by participating in a growing demand for fresh and local produce.

Sell to a diverse customer base through restaurants, wholesalers, and farmers markets.

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