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Agron-LED Eco Range

The Agron-LED Eco Range is synonymous with high-quality, high-efficiency, low energy LED lighting.

We are not here to compete with low-cost imported products. We are here to provide outstanding products at a reasonable price, giving our customers excellent value for money.

Our UK manufactured 130W Unibay replaces traditional 400W High Bays for applications ranging from manufacturing facilities to warehouses.

Our IP66 rated 60W and 130W Floodlights are robust enough for all external conditions.

These Eco Range products come with a factory warranty of 10years, this is a 24/7 hour warranty unlike a lot of our competitors.

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Davidsons Feeds Case Study

Davidsons Feeds Case Study -  130W Eco Range Floodlights


As part of their programme of continual investment, Davidsons Feeds replaced 88 existing 400W High Pressure Sodium and sixteen 200W units with our 130W and 60W UK manufactured LED floodlights. Following the replacement of the original infrastructure, Davidsons have reduced their anual running costs by 71% and significantly increased lighting levels.

These savings were achieved by eradicating maintenance costs and significantly reducing elecgtricity bills. Our advanced LED lighting solution also dramatically cuts carbon emissions and produces a better quality of light.

Davidsons Feeds Case Study Figures

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