What is lighting design?


3D Lighting Design

Lighting design, when done right, is designed to give our built structures aesthetics and allow the users of the space to feel comfortable – as well as allowing them to see. Many aspects of industry focus on light and the effect it has on people – Interior designers focus on how it makes users feel, Engineers about the practicalities of where the lights are and how easy it is to perform tasks and Business would like to minimise costs. Efficient design leads to well- lit spaces with minimum energy requirements.

Why is it important?

Many studies have shown that lighting can influence behavior and influence appetite and sense of time, as all living creatures of this planet rely on sunlight. We all use it to navigate, recharge, and metabolise. Natural light in a built environment can help achieve all of this- for animals or people. A designer can take many or few factors into their design, but a good designer will always consider all the natural light that comes from windows, as well as the electrical light to supplement. This pleases the wallet and the users, and when using the right types of light, it can save money in the long run as well. So why LEDs? An added benefit of upgrading to LED lights is a lowered carbon footprint as LEDs waste and use less electricity as well as a safe space for animals as the bulbs do not heat up significantly. The LED bulbs last a long time which means maintenance costs are low even if the initial spending may seem a lot.

2D Lighting Design

How can I get a design?

The designing process will incorporate several calls from our design team, simply so we can get the best idea of what you want. You will also be asked to supply dimensions, positions and sizes of windows and what the space is used for. There may be some questions about when the space gets used most, any times when it is empty and about any irregularities of schedule. Following this link will send you to a word document with some of these questions which you can forward to info@agron-led.com to get a design estimate. All our designs are based on our best knowledge of the space we are trying to light so the more information we have, the more accurate our estimate for what you need.

Lighting designs are priced individually depending on your project size.

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