Save up to 71% on your lighting bill.

Here at Agron-LED, we specialise in supplying the right Commercial and Industrial Lighting Solutions so you can reduce your lighting bill while improving the quality of light. With our high quality, durable LED lighting you could be saving money in no time.

With ever increasing energy bills it is now essential for businesses to find ways of keeping overheads at a manageable level. Normal operation of lighting in offices overall operating for up to 14 hours per day, these costs are a significant part of your business overheads. Therefore reducing power consumption in lighting is especially relevant in todays competitive market.

So if you are looking for replacement bulbs or renewing your existing lighting infrastructure you can be sure we can supply the best lighting for your needs.


After years of working under normal fluorescent lighting, with my jobs requiring full-time computer work and wearing glasses, I would frequently be aware of suffering from the ‘all too well known – fluorescent dull headache’. This I am sure resulted in working under fluorescent tube lighting – I had become used to the ever-present buzz, the reflection off my computer and the false yellow light emitted by normal fluorescent.

Just over a month ago, new fluorescent tubing was installed in our office at Forth Resource Management, East Fenton Composting Site.  I have noticed a significant difference.  Firstly – NO BUZZ.  The lighting is very bright – akin to daylight, but gentle on the eyes.  That pale yellow luminescence is not present as this is white light.  So far I have not left work with that dull ache across my eyes.

Julie Da Costa – Forth Resource Management Limited

Create the right work atmosphere with LED lighting

With optimum lighting levels, you can create a more productive work environment. Agron-LED’s flicker-free LED Tube lights and Panels have a cleaner, brighter feel which helps with concentration levels making them the perfect lighting for office and retail settings.

Our LED Floodlights and High Bays are the perfect replacement for Sodium or High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting. Agron-LED’s A36 and A65 Non-corrosive vapour-proofbattons are the perfect lighting solution for warehouses, workshops, car parks, spray booths and vehicle pits. Our Commercial and Industrial Lighting Solutions will reduce you lighting bill by up to 70% and have a 5 year warranty, therefore giving you peace of mind knowing that maintenance will be minimal.

The right lighting levels in a commercial or industrial setting are essential for the welfare of everyone on site. A detailed lighting plan will demonstrate the best solution for the project showing you exact lumen levels, the number and position of lights so you can be confident that your business is compliant with Health and Safety Industry Standards.

Helping you save even more

All of our products qualify under the ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) Scheme allowing you to make further savings. We can also advise you with government and private finance that may be available to you.

Upon request we can provide you with a lighting design for your facility to ensure the correct lighting levels are achieved where you need them and are compliant with Health and Safety Industry Standards. Should it be necessary we also offer a detailed cost of ownership report comparing your current lighting infrastructure to the new LED proposal to demonstrate running costs and savings.


LED Floodlight Installation Davidsons FeedsDavidsons Animal Feeds operates almost 24/7 so to find a supplier who could complete the work on time and on budget with minimal supervision, we found Agron LED to be an excellent service. With their support the application process was extremely simple to implement
Mr G. Dow – Davidsons Animal Feeds Ltd – Accountant

Why choose LEDs?

  • Increased light levels while reducing power consumption by up to 90%
  • Reliability and long lifespan
  • Additional cost savings due to a reduction in maintenance
  • Environmental benefits of a large carbon reduction
  • Improved health and safety in the workplace
  • Low and non-glare lighting solutions available

Why choose Agron-LED?

  • Dedicated sales and after sales support
  • In house lighting design team
  • Carbon trust accredited supplier
  • We thrive on supporting our customers to save money whilst making their work environment safer and more productive as a result of improved lighting levels

What we can do for your Commercial / Industrial business


Helping you each step of the way

Our dedicated team design, supply & install the latest in
LED technology, ensuring you receive the highest standard of service.

Reduce your energy costs today

Our efficient, reliable LED lighting solutions are proven
to outperform traditional lighting while saving your business money.

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