Acheiving the ultimate lighting quality for your Equestrian needs.

Most people in the equestrian world know how important the need for evenly distributed bright light within indoor schools and arenas are for horses. (Some of us having learnt the ‘hard way’) Eliminating ‘shadow spots’ and ‘hot spots’ is crucial in achieving an evenly spread light across the entire arena.

We can provide you with a lighting design of your facility to ensure the correct lighting levels are achieved where you need them and are compliant with Health and Safety Industry Standards.

In addition to providing your riding arena and stables with the correct lighting levels, our LED products can help you create the atmosphere you want throughout your premises. And with running costs of LED lighting from 60% to 90% lower than conventional lighting, it makes affordable sense to replace your traditional lighting.

Many riding arenas currently use Sodium or High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting, historically the only solution available. Expensive to run and requiring constant maintenance these types of lighting are now, thankfully, becoming a thing of the past. See our Floodlight and High Bays for the perfect lighting solution for riding arenas, practice areas and outbuildings.


Agron-LED Shed Bulb in Stables
I’ve recently overseen the trial and installation of 15w Shed Bulbs supplied by Agron LED into stables at two training establishments. I have been impressed with the product which is robust and ideal for the equine environment. The transition was easy, savings instant and peace of mind nice, knowing it will be a long while before the bulbs will need to be changed.
Neil Hormann – Divisional Manager Shadwell Stud, Thetord.

The importance of the right lighting in Stables

We appreciate the importance of stable hands and trainers alike to be able to quickly check on horses during the hours of low light. When looking after several horses this can be a lengthy process slowed down by sodium bulbs or CFLs.

Traditional bulbs take some time to warm up to a point where a proper inspection can be made. With the Agron-LED Shed Bulb this process is instant. Our LED bulbs go to full brightness instantly with no warm-up time. They also give off a brighter, clearer light allowing for much better colour rendering and visibility. The Shed-Bulb is available in 9W, 15W and 20W. A lot of stables use outdated T8 fluorescent tubes. These can be replaced with LED T8 tubes, these LED lights are also instant start and generally run at a third of the cost. When the fluorescent fittings have seen better days, it is possible to do a retrofit with our AG65 and AG36 complete non-corrosive batton which uses an OSRAM driver and LG LED chips.

Helping you save even more

All of our products qualify under the ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) Scheme allowing you to make further savings. We can also assist you with government and private finance that may be available to you.

We can also provide you with a lighting plan of your facility to ensure the correct lighting levels are achieved where you need them and are compliant with Health and Safety Industry Standards. Should it be necessary we also offer a detailed cost of ownership report comparing your current lighting infrastructure to the new LED proposal to demonstrate running costs and savings.


LED High Bays Lighting Stables
We recently changed the majority of strip lights & high bays in our stables for Agron-LED’s lighting solutions. Straight away we noticed the difference. The stables were much brighter and clearer. A Lot of our lights are on all day which means we are saving over 60% on our lighting bill.
Mark Kyle – Queenholme Equestrian

What we can do for your business


Helping you each step of the way

Our dedicated team design, supply & install the latest in
LED technology, ensuring you receive the highest standard of service.

Reduce your energy costs today

Our efficient, reliable LED lighting solutions are proven
to outperform traditional lighting and save your business mone.

Why choose Agron-LED lighting?


  • Increased light levels and reduced power consumption
  • Energy and cost savings of up to 90%
  • Reliability and long lifespan, as shown from existing products we have on the market
  • Additional cost savings due to a reduction in maintenance
  • More productive work environment by achieving correct lighting levels
  • Environmental benefits of a large carbon reduction
  • Improved health and safety in the workplace

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