Agron-LED have partnered with Giga Tera to offer the latest in durable, high efficiency LED lighting. These products come with a 10-year warranty so you can have peace of mind knowing that your lighting is built to last, saving you on maintenance as well as electricity costs.

Why change to Agron-LED lighting?

The main driving force behind Agron-LED is to supply the best quality LED lighting available. This is reflected in our Sports Lighting Solutions, manufactured using only the highest quality components such as Phillips, Samsung, LG and CREE chips and Meanwell drivers.

Unlike some other lower cost industrial LED products on the market, our Sports Lighting Solutions are designed to achieve incredible longevity. All our specialist sports lighting comes with a 10 warranty.

What Agron-LED can do for you…

We will conduct a site survey to assess your requirements. We will look at your current lighting and discuss any new lighting areas you may wish to consider.

We then provide you with a ‘Lighting Plan’ and a ‘Cost of Ownership’ document’. The lighting plan details the lighting levels required for your facility, highlighting the output, spread, and Lux levels for the proposed project. The cost of ownership document covers the costs, savings and other benefits of the project. It takes everything into account including your business tariff, hours of use, cost of the product, installation costs, carbon reduction and the benefit you will get from the government ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) scheme, that all of our products qualify for.

We then supply and install the product either through our experienced install team, should you require our services, or directly to you should you wish to use your own people.

Helping you save even more

All of our products qualify under the ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) Scheme allowing you to make further savings. We can also assist you with government and private finance that may be available to you.

We can also provide you with a lighting plan of your facility to ensure the correct lighting levels are achieved where you need them and are compliant with Health and Safety Industry Standards. Should it be necessary we also offer a detailed cost of ownership report comparing your current lighting infrastructure to the new LED proposal to demonstrate running costs and savings.


Carbon Trust Accredited SupplierResource Efficient ScotlandNational Farmers Union Affinity Partner

What we can do for your business


Helping you each step of the way

Our dedicated team design, supply & install the latest in
LED technology, ensuring you receive the highest standard of service.

Reduce your energy costs today

Our efficient, reliable LED lighting solutions are proven
to outperform traditional lighting and save your business mone.

Why choose Agron-LED lighting?

– Increased light levels and reduced power consumption
– Energy and cost savings of up to 90%
– Reliability and long lifespan, as shown from existing products we have on the market
– Additional cost savings due to a reduction in maintenance
– More productive work environment by achieving correct lighting levels
– Environmental benefits of a large carbon reduction
– Improved health and safety in the workplace

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