Security Lighting

Security Lighting

With most rural crime occurring at night lighting is a great deterrent against intruders and can provide reassurance to your employees. The correct LED lighting can provide a visual deterrent increasing the vulnerability of an intruder during an attempted theft. The white light given from LED works well with CCTV, however quality can vary​ ​with solutions​ on the market​.​

The Agron-LED Eco Range floodlighting is completely flicker free, unlike most other LED lighting available on the market. This works with a constant current eliminating​ the strob​e effect, often seen on other systems. This makes CCTV footage clearer so images and face recognition are easier to analyse.

This LED lighting solution, whilst accompanied by high quality CCTV, works well for perimeter protection as well as areas where lighting and security are necessary at all times.

The eco range is manufactured in the UK and has a proven record in broadcasting companies such as the BBC and Sky. 

Agron-LED are ​also market leaders with its IT-converged LED lighting, a state of the art, integrated solution where the LED luminaire and the CCTV are built into the one single unit. This solution also works by using wireless internet (WiFi) meaning reduced installation costs as only a power supply being required. 

This system is ideal for a wide variety of applications such as farm yards, estate entrances and machine sheds where otherwise long data cable runs would be required. Agron-LED’s integrated solution captures full high definition images that can show number plates with also human face identification from a distance using a powerful x5 optic zoom lens. This system allows real time, anywhere – local and remote access to the video data by way of mobile, tablet and desk top devices. 


Security Lighting Solution


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