Street Lighting Solutions

Street Lighting

Modern street lighting promotes achievable energy savings, improving urban safety, creating a more desirable lighting effect, whilst sustainably reducing CO2 emissions. This is a perfect investment project for any local authority.

Agron-LED has partnered with OSRAM and Siteco so we can deliver todays latest technology. With an extensive tool box we can work with our clients to achieve the best possible results. 

OSRAM has a proven record of delivering reductions of up to 85% of lighting overheads, due to the use of intelligent lighting systems complimented with their advanced LED solutions. These combinations acheive desirable living conditions and reduce CO2 emissions. 

Working with OSRAM and its subsidiary company Siteco, our intelligent LED lighting solutions are suitable for projects of any size. We work with procurement teams who are aiming to provide a solution designed around their residents in an energy-saving, safe, appealing and networked way.


Everything quite simple:

the system and its components


Street Lighting Controller

Street Light Control is not only innovative, sustainable and economical

– it is also particularly easy to incorporate in the existing lighting infrastructure



This is how SLC works:

1. SLC software

The SLC software is the central interface for the user to the SLC system. It facilitates the administration, programming and analysis of the lighting installation. The SLC software can be installed locally or in the cloud. For each user only the allocated functional area is visible.

2. Internet protocol (IP)

The communication between the SLC software and SLC gateway at street level is via a secure IP connection, e.g. by GPRS, ethernet or fiber optics.

3. SLC gateway

The gateway, mounted in the field, e.g. in the switching cabinet, stores, processes and translates the control commands and polls initiated by the SLC software. Depending on the requirements, the SLC gateway can be used to incorporate a series of auxiliary components, such as meters, relays or light sensors in the overall system.

4. Powerline

The data is transmitted between the SLC gateway and the connected luminaires by means of a Powerline communication via the mains supply. An additional communication infrastructure, such as additional wiring or antennas is not necessary.

5. SLC-Luminaire Controller / SLC-Pole Controller

The control elements in the SLC system allow individual control and monitoring of each single luminaire. The components are available as pole mounting or luminaire mounting and facilitate individual switching and dimming (via 1…10 V interface or DALI) of all the luminaires. In order to ensure optimum communication, each controller can also act as a signal amplifier.


Everything under control:

the SLC software


The SLC software is the central interface, where all the information is gathered and made available to the user. The entire system is represented clearly and can thus be easily controlled, administered and analyzed simply from a central location.


The user has a wealth of possibilities for controlling the SLC: He can define the switching calender for lighting groups or individual lighting points and even stipulate exceptions during construction work or during holiday periods. It is also possible to control each luminaire in the system directly.

Pie Chart

The user interface can be individually structured and adapted to the specific requirements.


Thanks to the software, the scalability of the system and the individual light points is really easy: This permits, for example, flexible grouping of the luminaires, the best possible prediction of the need for maintenance by evaluation of the light source lifetime and automatic signaling of failures.


The status of the lighting installation can be visualized using online maps (Open Street Maps) or using your own planning documents.


The analysis function of the SLC software provides outstanding transparency and control. It automatically records the data of all system components and simplifies the creation of evaluations and visualizations. The individual analysis reports, e.g. the energy evaluations, are created and exported cyclically, and, if required sent by e-mail.



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