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Agron-LED have partnered with Valoya to bring you the latest in Horticultural Lighting LED Solutions. This technology is capable of growing lettuces, herbs, hearty greens and ornamental plants at commercial scale in any climate or location. It enables any individual, community, or organization to grow fresh produce all year-round, with no need for pesticides as it is a controlled environment. These products are the latest technologies in horticulture lighting and climate control automation making maximising yields effortless.


Valoya’s wide spectra offer the best possible light for plants in an energy efficient way, their patented spectra are designed to optimize growth of a variety of plants in different applications. In addition to photosynthesis, the specialised spectra give valuable information to plants about their environment, allowing control of plant morphology and physiological traits.

Our Solutions
  • Tastier Produce
  • Increased Yields
  • Energy Efficient
  • Grow 365
  • Quick ROI
  • Sunlight spectrum


Optimal light spectrum provides increased yields as well as energy savings. Valoya’s spectra enable superior growth at lower light intensities than traditional light or red/blue LEDs. Valoya can also improve your spectrum from traditional lamps in a so-called hybrid installation i.e. a combination of HPS lamps and LEDs with the target to create a better spectrum. This can have a significant impact on quality, especially during darker periods.

Increased Yields

Energy Efficiency

LED lamps may contribute to significant energy savings when the installation is planned properly, a spectrum is selected for a specific purpose and usage is optimized for the production process. Valoya’s AP673L and G1 spectrum are optimized for pure LED installations and hybrid installations respectively. These spectra are superior to traditional HPS or narrow band LEDs in terms of plant texture, taste and colour.

Tastier Produce


Valoya’s products are designed to have a long use life, typically rated at 90% of initial output at 35,000 hours. This is 40% more than other products on the market. In practice, this translates to a typical lifespan of more than 10 years with minimal impact on growth results. The long use life is a result of excellent thermal properties of the LED fixture and the high-quality power units used by Valoya.

Full Spectrum

The terms ‘wide’, ‘full’ or ‘continuous’ spectrum refers to combining LED chips to produce all possible colours from the spectrum – just like the sun. The amount of each colour in our spectra is fine-tuned to the specific needs of different plants and their growth phases. Unlike most manufacturers, they do not simply use red, blue and white LED chips – creating a light spectrum out of only these passes the minimal threshold of what the plant needs and hardly qualifies the spectrum to be called ‘wide’.
Red and white LED chips have originally been developed for applications different than horticulture, such as interior lighting, LED indicators in electronic equipment etc. These chips can be bought ‘off the shelf’ and the light produced by them satisfies basic needs of the plants but does not represent a sunlight match.

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