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Showing You What’s Watt!!!

The LED market can be a frustrating and confusing place.
Let us shed some light on it for you.

At Agron-LED our aim is to empower businesses
with the knowledge of how much they could save
both on their energy costs and carbon footprint.


Grain store, dairy shed, outbuilding.


Indoor school, outdoor arena, stables.


Vertical farm, greenhouse, medical.


Office, workshop, hotel, retail.


Factory, hazloc, warehouse, plant.


Stadium, driving range, race track.

Germicidal UV

Sterilization, disinfection, decontamination, sanitation.

Delivering Customer focused solutions

We are passionate about working with our customers, taking the time to understand a projects requirements and constraints.
Our own factory allows us to create bespoke products.
You can be confident that you will receive a solution that has been designed specifically for your project.

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

“You’re thinking of reducing your carbon footprint aren’t you…
we know you are.
You’re the kind of person who always recycles and champions green. The type of person we wish there was more of.
Some people would say “Hero” – not us because that might embarrass you but doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking it.”

Lighting Levels

It’s more than just lighting a room.
Studies have shown that the right lighting levels can have a positive effect on the users. Reduce Errors, increase productivity and create a better working environment. There are also minimum lighting levels that companies should be ensuring they are reaching for insurance purposes.

No Upfront Costs*

*Subject to eligibility and terms

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