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Agron-LED was established to service the agriculture industry; we understand the need for high quality and economically sustainable lighting. Over the years we have continued to develop our product range to ensure we provide the very best options for our customers.


Whatever your focus, arable or livestock; Agron-LED agriculture solutions are perfect for your dairy sheds, grain stores, cattle sheds, barns, outbuildings, machinery workshops etc. Making the change to LED lighting will ensure you are operating more efficiently: saving you money on energy bills, providing safety for you and your staff, all while improving animal husbandry.



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Happy Farmers and Animals

The right lighting levels will create a safer and better environment for, not only, your workforce but also your animals. Resulting in more active and healthier animals.

Increase yield and Conception

Achieving the right lighting levels in cattle sheds has proven to increase yield and conception.

Stronger chit for your 'tatties'

A comparison on the effects on LED lights compared to fluorescent tubes resulted in a stronger chit in favour of our LED T8 solution.

Increased Safety AND security

Our LED Floodlights will ensure that your workers have the appropriate lighting to complete their jobs efficiently; limiting mistakes and accidents.


A member of our team will conduct a review of your current lighting system. This will provide you with a 7-page “Project Costing Report” which will detail, not only your financial and carbon savings,
but your estimated return on investment.
Allowing you to make an informed decision on your project.


Our Agron Shed bulb is a powerful and durable poly-carbonate bulb perfectly suited to lighting a variety of places within the Agricultural industry with energy savings of up to 90% over conventional lighting.

“We replaced our 150W conventional bulbs in our cubical sheds with 15W Agron-LED Shed-Bulbs. Couldn’t believe the extra lighting they are providing. They have been in for over three years and they’re still working. The bulbs are on for 12 hours a day on average, all year, so payback has been fast.”


Mr A. Timperon

Dairy Farmer

“We Increased
Pregnany Rates by 50%”

“We have noticed a marked improvement in fertility,
in the first three weeks of breeding an extra 33 cows have been served.
Feed intake is also up which will help overall animal performance.
The new lights have made the shed a great place
to be for both man & beasts
Thanks again for your help and advice “

Alan Campbell, Dairy Farmer


Our UHE range allows us to recommend a lower wattage of luminaries while maintaining a similar lumen efficiency. Resulting in increased savings on, both, your energy costs and carbon footprint.
You could be saving as much as 10% MORE.
(based on 8 luminaires and a charge of 11p per kWh)

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