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Commercial LED Lighting

With ever increasing energy bills, as well as increased operation hours, energy costs have become a significant overhead for most businesses. Hence, the importance to update current systems to, not only be more energy efficient, but more cost efficient.

Highest Quality Standards

Office lighting, retail, shop, warehouse, workshop, factory
By reducing operating costs, you will not only improve your margins but allow you to be more competitive.

Agron-LED commercial lighting solutions are perfect for office lighting, retail lighting, workshop lighting, factory lighting etc.

Making the change to LED will ensure you are operating more efficiently: improving your working environment, increasing health and safety for your staff and customers, all while saving you money on energy bills

Energy Prices On The Rise

Switching to LED can bring significant savings, The Carbon Trust estimates that changing to efficient LED lighting in a typical office can reduce costs by 66%.

Increase Productivity

Better lighting conditions are not only beneficial for staff morale but can create a more productive work environment through improved alertness and accuracy.

Reduced Errors

Research by the Carbon Trust has shown that the amount of errors that employees make are reduced when lighting levels are increased.

Improve Health of Staff

Poor lighting makes our eyes and visual systems work harder and may lead to symptoms such as: eyestrain, headaches, fatigue etc. 

Saves more than an average LED

Our UHE range allows us to recommend a lower wattage of luminaries while maintaining a similar lumen efficiency. Resulting in increased savings on, both, your energy costs and carbon footprint.
You could be saving as much as 10% MORE.

Lainnir LED Lighting Solutions

Lainnir 60° - 100° - 120°

Warehouse, parking lot, car wash,
industrial facilities, gas stations, bus and train stations, airports, cold storage facilities

Lifetime up to 80,000 hours L80B10, IP65 protection class, stable performance in a great temperature range from -20°C to +60°C. Comes with a 5-year warranty.

Lainnir floodlight

Outdoor lighting projects: parking lot, sports ground, wall pack, squares, billboard

Versatile LED floodlight fixture. Strong, high-quality aluminium body, special thermal design, IP66 protection class, and stable performance in a great temperature range from -25°C to +50°C. Comes with a 5-year warranty.

Lainnir street lamp

Highway roads, streets, parking lots,
residential areas

An ideal solution for public and residential street lighting. Equipped with high-quality electrical components, these fixtures come with a long lifetime of 100 000 h.

Lainnir downlight

Offices, hallways, shopping centres, technical, common rooms, showrooms

An ideal solution for your office lighting. Due to their versatility, Lainnir luminaires are also perfect to illuminate such spaces as corridors, shopping centres, exhibition halls and etc.

Lainnir backlit panel

Shopping malls, hotel halls, conference rooms, offices, corridors, schools, hospitals

A square slim design backlit panel for commercial lighting and indoor use in low and middle height T-grid ceiling applications. Comes with a 5-year warranty.

Lainnir emergency lighting

Mounted emergency module and exit sign

Emergency luminaires are designed to provide adequate lighting in the event of an emergency or power failure. It can provide 120 or 180 minutes of illumination for the rated wattage upon loss of AC power.

Flood LED Lighting

SUMA Series

Sports Facilities – soccer, football, field hockey, etc.
Airport apron, parking lot, harbour

  • Tilting structure for optimized aiming (Upward : 10˚, Downward : 20˚)
  • Dimming control using wireless and wired communication
  • Outstanding cooling technology and durability

MAHA Series

Sports Facilities – tennis, swimming, etc.
Airport apron, parking lot, harbour

  • Replacement for HID flood light
  • Outstanding cooling technology and durability
  • Excellent light distribution and thermal design for natural convection
  • Dimming control using wireless

WAPA Series

Wall pack, billboard, roadway, parking lot

  • Optimum heat radiation technology with natural convection.
  • Life cycle of the converter is guaranteed with an effective heat radiation structure.
  • Ultralight lighting with easy installation

Bay LED Lighting

SEGA Series

Warehouse, superstore, airplane hangar, factory, gym, etc.

  • Long life cycle with vertical thermal fin structure
  • Wired and wireless dimming control associated with Occupancy / Light control system

IBL Series

Sports arena, gym, exhibition, warehouse, superstore, factory, etc.

  • Glare-free and high efficiency lighting
  • Easy replacement and installation

SEGA-High Power Series

Warehouse, superstore, airplane hangar, factory, gym, etc.

  • Optimized light distribution
  • Maximized heat dissipation via unique vertical cooling structure
  • Wireless and wired light control

More for your money

Agron-LED’s flicker-free LED Panels and Battons have a cleaner, brighter feel. This will, not only, help ease the above symptoms surrounding eyestrain and headaches but increase concentration levels making them the perfect lighting for office and retail settings.

The ‘flicker-free’ lighting will also give you a much clearer image on your CCTV – resulting in better security.

“Just over a month ago, new fluorescent tubing was installed in our office… I have noticed a significant difference.  Firstly – NO BUZZ.  The lighting is very bright – akin to daylight, but gentle on the eyes.  That pale yellow luminescence is not present as this is white light.  So far I have not left work with that dull ache across my eyes.”

Julia De Costa

Administrator, Forth Resource Management Limited

“Increase Sales by up to 50%”

Studies have shown that by putting a spotlight on a specific product, you increase the sales by 50%. Our recommended products will ensure that your lighting delivers the best possible colour rendering, to really make your products ‘pop’.
This along with a good design is sure to have your customers buying more:

 “70-80% of the consumption in the Western world is driven by desire.”

 Lighting review

Our lighting review allows businesses to compare
their current system to a new ‘Agron-LED’ lighting system.
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