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Office LED Lighting

Forth Resource Management were looking at their carbon footprint and how this could be improved by investing in LED lighting.

During the site visit we established, that one of the members of staff suffered from migraines. We quickly identified that their panels were not on a constant current. Due to the limited number of fittings, carbon and financial savings were not going to be the driving force for the project to proceed. However, we explained that if they upgraded to a solution which was flicker-free they would improve, not only the working conditions for their employees, but would also help alleviate eye strain and migraines.

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“I would frequently be aware of suffering from the ‘all too well known – fluorescent dull headache’. This I am sure resulted from working under fluorescent tube lighting – I had become used to the ever-present buzz, the reflection off my computer and the false yellow light emitted by normal fluorescent.

Just over a month ago, new fluorescent tubing was installed in our office… I have noticed a significant difference. Firstly – NO BUZZ. The lighting is very bright – akin to daylight, but gentle on the eyes. That pale yellow luminescence is not present as this is white light. So far I have not left work with that dull ache across my eyes.” Julia De Costa


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