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LED systems will save you money and cut your carbon footprint – but this is hardly news. Countless businesses are already enjoying smaller bills and improved profitability as a result of installing LED lighting in agriculture.

Less well known, however, are the many advantages that LED lighting can bring to agriculture. We would like to introduce you to some of them in this blog.
But first, let us begin with a testimonial from one of our customers:

“In March of this year, we installed new led lights in our dairy shed.
We have noticed a marked improvement in fertility, in the first three weeks of breeding an extra 33 cows have been served.
Feed intake is also up which will help overall animal performance.
The new lights have made the shed a great place to be for both man and beasts
Thanks again for your help and advice”.
Alan Campbell, Dairy Farmer

So, how did a new lighting system help Alan’s farm achieve this?

Increased productivity

Expertly installed LED lighting systems have been shown to:

  • reduce stress in animals
  • reduce disease
  • increase milk production
  • enhance welfare

New scientific studies into lighting conditions in agriculture are being conducted all the time. This knowledge feeds into the cutting-edge research and design of the LED technology that Agron-LED can offer you.

Some excerpts from recent research:

“LED lighting that offers sophisticated control and tunability (i.e., dynamic tailoring of light spectrum, intensity, and distribution) has the potential to significantly impact livestock productivity and wellbeing. Lighting has been shown to reduce stress and increase disease resistance, resulting in happier and healthier animals”.
Animal Responses to Light Meeting Report, U.S. Department of Energy (2016).

In 2015 Michigan State University conducted research where they tested the potential of LED-based Long Day Lighting (LDL) on milk production. The results showed an 8% increase in milk production.
LDL principles have been studied for over 30 years showing that lengthening the daily photo period to which dairy cows are exposed too, increases milk production. (Specifically, 16-18 hours of 15-20-fc, followed by 6-8 hours at levels below 3 fc).

The researchers sought to overcome difficulties they faced using legacy lighting (metal halide) to test the suspected benefits of LDL. By installing a LED system, they could precisely control and measure the light levels to provide an LDL environment for the dairy. They could also dim the lights for the low light period required for LDL so no extra lighting fixtures were needed.

The project reported that with a 50% decrease in energy use and the increase in milk production a dairy would see a return on investment in one year.

Welfare of animals

The farmer also suggested he found his milking herd were more docile and less agitated.
*Increase milk production and reduce energy consumption with long-day-lighting. M. Charles Gould, Michigan State University online, (2015).

Courtney Daigle of Texas A&M University has conducted research which highlighted:

“the importance of providing livestock with a dynamic environment that offers lighting schedules, intensities, and spectrums that will enhance the welfare state of these animals. In particular, the use of LED lighting in agriculture presents an opportunity to develop and create microhabitats that stimulate the performance behaviours where and when they are needed for optimal production”.
Animal Responses to Light Meeting Report, U.S. Department of Energy (2016).

Increased productivity and wellbeing for humans, too

Well installed LED lighting systems can:

  • reduce workers’ health complaints associated with poor lighting
  • support workers’ welfare
  • increase workers’ accuracy
  • increase productivity
  • reduce flies!

There is a direct correlation between productive work and good lighting.

“Poor lighting can not only affect the health of people at work causing symptoms like eyestrain, migraine and headaches, but it is also linked to Sick Building Syndrome in new and refurbished buildings. Symptoms of this include headaches, lethargy, irritability and poor concentration.”
Lighting at Work, HSE. 2Nded (1997).

Agricultural work doesn’t stop when the sun sets so energy-efficient, high-quality lighting is important in all areas where you or others are working. Good lighting improves accuracy and lowers fatigue levels, crucial for the short days in winter. Find more about expert installation of block paving in Dublin .

When you make use of our lighting design service we will work with you to ensure we install the optimum lighting solution to make a positive impact on your working environment. Improving wellbeing and productivity, as well as saving on operational costs.

LED lighting is:

  • Flicker free and comes on instantly.
  • Works well in extremes of temperature and humidity so you can be confident when you switch on the lights.
  • Superior quality: lowers levels of fatigue and eye strain.

Bonus Benefit

  • LED lighting produces no ultraviolet light which is what attracts flies. Above all, that is truly a benefit for both man and beast!

Health & Safety

Well-designed LED lighting systems:

  • Support health & safety in the workplace
  • May reduce accidents

Agriculture can be dangerous. The 2017 figures from the Health and Safety Executive show that out of 144 people killed or fatally injured in workplace accidents last year, 29 worked in agriculture.

The fatal injury rate for agriculture is 18 times as high as the all-industry rate.

This highlights the importance of all aspects of health and safety in agriculture. Our lighting consultation can help ensure you have the right lighting solutions to make sure all areas of your farm or agricultural business are lit to the highest standards. All our products are designed to be corrosion/impact and ingress resistant and are robustly made with the farm environment in mind.

Our expert lighting designer will ensure that all areas of the farm are properly lit. Therefore, well-used walkways and yards, when moving animals and machinery around, will improve in safety and security. Find out more about our lighting design service.

Improved light levels enable workers to see more clearly, work more accurately and safely.


Well fitted LED lighting systems can:

  • Enhance the security of your premises
  • Improve CCTV image quality
  • Help give peace of mind

Sadly, security is a growing concern in all aspects of rural life. LED lighting is the ideal way to provide you comfort, knowing your yards are lit up at night. If CCTV is used LED will greatly improve the clarity of images recorded. An Agron-LED lighting system can give you increased peace of mind, knowing that your farm or agricultural business is better protected.

  • Fit lighting to illuminate outbuildings, courtyards, and houses. Thieves do not like to be seen. For instance, a security light can be activated as a sign that there may be an intruder on the premises.
  • Where valuable machinery is stored in open yards consider installing a good quality, fit for purpose CCTV system. Be aware that good lighting is important when considering CCTV. Installing good lighting will also enhance the security of the yard and discourage thieves who do not like to be seen.
    A Guide to Security In The Rural Environment, (2006).

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