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Agron-LED have partnered with OSRAM so we can deliver todays most advanced and dynamic lighting solutions. Creating a pleasant mood, helping increase productivity due to a more natural lighting enviroment.

Planners, operators and users therefore have very high expectations of lighting systems. Modern solutions satisfy these demanding requirements by creating the perfect conditions for the relevant visual tasks. The combination of natural daylight, artificial light and lighting control systems provides optimal lighting and maximises energy efficiency. Luminaires with a modern design fulfil the requirements for executive offices, while intelligent lighting control systems with a zonal function help to divide the room into separate working and meeting areas.

Pleasant, productive and prestigious lighting will achieve an impressively high degree of energy efficiency in addition to perfect illuminance and good colour reproduction. The result: efficient illumination and minimal maintenance costs.


Lighting for open-plan offices – versatile and performance-enhancing


Open-plan offices and the need for flexible use of the available space make fixed lighting concepts less acceptable. It must be possible to make easy individual adjustments to the light installations without incurring major costs. Intelligent lighting control systems are more than capable of fulfilling these requirements as they allow you to use and control light according to your needs, whilst making significant energy savings. Varied lighting with an activating light colour provides a pleasant working atmosphere and increases motivation. Glare-free light sources that meet all the applicable standards and adapt to daylight or detect the presence of individuals are a basic requirement.

Open Plan Office Lighting

Agron-LED solutions for open-plan offices are the ideal for such as task. The range of impressive products offer maximum flexibility, good colour reproduction, high energy efficiency and a long service life. Following an installation by Agron-LED our advanced solutions mean that maintenance costs are reduced and all work processes are planned much more efficiently.


Lighting for foyers – Prestigious and trendsetting


Effective lighting in foyers is crucial because making a good first impression is so important. Modern luminaires and lamps are decorative focal points that form an important part of the corporate identity of every company. Apart from being prestigious, lights need to perform other tasks as well: Powerful, glare-free lighting provides excellent visibility and ensures a smooth transition between daylight and artificial light. It also creates a clear structure and makes orientation easier.

Our lighting for foyers meets all of these requirements with excellent reliability and offers a wide selection of intelligent light solutions. Innovative technologies create a perfect balance of functional and decorative light and offer countless possibilities for devising prestigious lighting concepts. The high degree of efficiency and energy saving potential are industry leading.

 Foyer LightingFoyer Lighting 2

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