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Riding School LED Lighting

One of our team spoke with Bowhouse Livery about our design and lighting supply services.
We arranged a site visit where we did a full appraisal of the different areas.

Stables and tack room
We found that each stable, as the walk ways and storage areas, were lit with fluorescent T8 tubes,
Some of the T8 tubes were aging and giving limited light levels.
We recommended changing the existing fluorescent T8 to our own brand LED T8 solution, this increased the lighting levels in the stables to the optimum level. Making a brighter environment, making it easier for the horses to make eye contact with other horses and easier for stable hands and owners to attend to the horses needs.

Indoor riding school
The Indoor riding Arena was being lit by 400-watt Sodium high bays.
These were extremely expensive to run as well as creating Dark, shadow spots which can spook horses. We recommended changing these for our 130 watt low bay solution.
These deliver a great light uniformity, whilst cutting running costs. (By amount off PCR), they are non glare which is better for rider and horse.

Viewing area
In the viewing area we recommended replacing the existing 250 watt low bays with our 60watt non glare linear solutions. These reduced the glare on the windows allowing spectators a clearer view of the indoor school below. This solution also created a warmer more inviting atmosphere whilst substantially reducing electricity costs.

Country clothing shop and cafe
The Country clothing shop and cafe were lit with twin t8 tubes.
These are once again expensive to run and not ideal for showing the true colour rendering of the products,
We replaced these with our own T8 tubes which give a much better, clearer light which reflected in the appearance of the stock on display.

The customer required additional light to work with his cctv system and to increase security at the site which is what our solutions provide. We replaced the existing flood lights with one of our flicke-free flood light solutions.

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