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Race Track LED Lighting

After reviewing Raceland:
The light fittings in the diner were suspended from the ceiling which caused a reflection on the windows; making it difficult for spectators to see the course.
We decided to change these fitting to 20W non-glare surface panels, this ensured the area was effectively lit without causing eye strain or effecting the spectators view.

The inside and outside track were dimmly lit with 400W sodium flood lighting which created shadow areas.
On the inside track, for the best lighting uniformity, we installed 200W non-glare IBL’s.
On the outside track we installed 200W MAHA floods. This LED lighting solution, as well as being non glare, allowed us to direct the required light onto the course while maintaining minimal light pollution.
The lights made such a difference that previous customers who had driven there thought that the road had been resurfaced.

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“Following our first meeting, Agron-LED quickly prepared a cost of savings report and lighting design. Our new lighting has a sleek, professional finish. We highly recommend Agron-LED” Fergus Laird

Operations Manager

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