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Factory LED Lighting

McMillan specialist fabricators are a Coppersmith and Specialist fabrication company based in East Lothian.
Operating from a large purpose built factory, McMillan design and fabricate a wide range of products including:

*Distillation Columns
*Heat Exchangers
*Pressure Vessels
*Fermentation Vessels
*Storage Vessels
*Skid Units
*Pipework Systems and installations

This level of detailed work requires a good quality of light.
Our LED lighting design created an even spread throughout the workshops gaining a uniformity which meant no shadow areas, which reduces eye strain.
This also enables them to inspect their work without the use of torches.

We also upgraded the office lighting which was dated and in need of replacement.
Saving money on their electricity costs whilst improving the quality of light.

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‘Before we upgraded our lights to Agron-LED’s solution our lighting lacked uniformity and the brightness for detailed work.
Our workforce routinely used hand held inspection lamps which are no longer required.
Agron-LED conveyed a site visit and produced a project costing report within days.
The install itself went seamlessly with Agrons team working around our constraints. And was completed within the specified time.
We are very pleased with the result.
Not only improving our lighting but saving us money as well.
Agron-LED have given a fantastic service throughout.’ David Allan

Mcmillan fabricators

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