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Shed LED Bulbs

Agron-LED have been supplying Messrs Timperon with our LED lighting solutions for 5 years.

When we were first introduced to the company the client stated that the current fluorescent bulbs were ‘popping for fun’ and were having to buy 10’s of replacement bulbs per month.

We replaced the 150W bulbs with our own, Agron-LED, branded shed bulbs which not only reduced the need to replace bulbs on a monthly basis but also gave a carbon reduction of 21.79 tonnes per year and a financial saving of £5,381.38 per year on his electricity bill.

Following this first project, 5 years ago, the company have gone on to update all areas of the cattle sheds; this has increased lighting levels, benefitting the live stock as well as those working day to day.

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“We replaced our 150W conventional bulbs in our cubical sheds with 15W Agron-LED Shed-Bulbs. Couldn’t believe the extra lighting they are providing. They have been in for over three years and they’re still working. The bulbs are on for 12 hours a day on average, all year, so payback has been fast.” Mr A Timperon

Dairy Farmer

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